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What College Presidents Must Do Before the Axe Falls: Part 1

Why presidents and other seasoned executives can benefit from seasoned counsel
The higher education press has been filled recently with stories about abrupt firings of presidents and other senior executives at universities and colleges across the nation. What was once an... Read More

Romantic Relationships in the Executive Workplace

A lengthy article in the Business section of The New York Times of February 11, 2018 recalled -- explicitly in response to the #MeToo movement -- all the turmoil and controversy when, in the early 1980’s, a young woman executive with a... Read More

The Value of an Indemnity

Achieving a senior executive position in any organization is a substantial accomplishment. With such a position ordinarily comes expanded responsibilities as well as meaningfully increased compensation. However, such jobs also bring the real possibility of greater personal liability. In what is frequently... Read More