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Starting a Job

Offer Letters and Employment Agreements

The attorneys at George Birnbaum Law have negotiated deals involving executive and academic compensation ranging from hundreds of thousands to many millions of dollars in salary and incentives.

The... Read More

Leaving a Job

There are many reasons why working relationships stop working.  Regardless of whether a parting of the ways is amicable, contentious, or somewhere in between, an academic executive will almost always be presented with some sort... Read More

Problems at Work

Discrimination, Harassment, and Other Workplace Investigations

Harassment and discrimination – whether based on sex, gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, or disability – will not be tolerated in today’s workplace. Sadly, however, allegations of misconduct are... Read More

Selected Other Matters

Although this website highlights our academic employment involvements, we
have also had extensive experience over the past 40 years working with the
employment contracts of senior executives in finance, media and industry. OurRead More