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Offer Letters and Employment Agreements

Offer Letters and Employment Agreements from the Executive’s Perspective

The executive compensation attorneys at George Birnbaum Law have negotiated deals involving executive compensation ranging from hundreds of thousands to many millions of dollars in salary... Read More

Executive Compensation Lawyer

Each of the principal industries in which our lawyers practice has its own quirks and peculiarities around the all-important issue of executive compensation. In the world of financial services, for example, although base salaries are... Read More

Business Partnership Dispute Attorney

Whether you are starting a new business, or seeking to reorganize or to add or subtract partners or members from an ongoing concern (whether a corporation, partnership or limited liability company), our attorneys understand vital... Read More

Tax-Related Employment Issues

Both employment and separation agreements can have a number of tax ramifications. We have assisted executives in properly drafting and handling compensation provisions so as to avoid unnecessary penalties and surcharges. For example, by altering... Read More

Severance Agreement Lawyer

There are many reasons why working relationships stop working. Regardless of whether a parting of the ways is amicable, contentious, or somewhere in between, an executive will almost always be presented with some sort of... Read More

Employment Dispute Settlement

There are seemingly countless ways in which an executive can lock horns with an employer under the many state, local and Federal laws governing their complex relationship. With its ever-rising costs in terms of time,... Read More

Executive Mediation and Arbitration Lawyer

Savvy senior executives and management are more concerned than ever with the considerable costs, distractions and inefficiency of lengthy traditional lawsuits. These concerns have led to the inclusion in many employment agreements of some form... Read More

Discrimination, Harassment and Other Workplace Investigations

Harassment and discrimination – whether based on sex, gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, or disability – will not be tolerated in today’s workplace. Sadly however, allegations of misconduct are frequently leveled against senior executives by... Read More

Selected Other Matters and Litigation

Although our firm currently concentrates on employment law, over the course of our careers we have litigated a wide range of complex legal matters in other areas, principally but not exclusively in the entertainment and... Read More