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Financial Services

Over the past three decades, our law firm has represented almost every type of financial services professional in the whole range of employment situations and problems which arise in the different sectors of today’s financial services industry. Our executive compensation attorneys have represented commercial and investment bankers, brokers, advisors, traders, private equity and hedge fund managers — some of whom are employed by the world’s largest financial firms and some by private companies or investment businesses.

As a result, our executive compensation attorneys are intimately familiar with the structure of offer letters and employment agreements for financial professionals, including issues of bonuses; the vesting of share-related incentive compensation; “garden leave” and more stringent non-competition and non-solicitation restrictions. Our attorneys understand issues of confidentiality peculiar to the financial services industry and required regulatory disclosures regarding termination of employment for certain licensed professionals (U-4’s).

Whatever your level of seniority or compensation in the demanding financial services sector, and whether you are taking a new job or leaving an old one, our attorneys’ knowledge and experience can help you maximize your opportunities.