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Executive Employment Perspectives Blog

A Lesson From A Revered Mentor

My mentor, the legendary trial lawyer Louis Nizer, was keenly sensitive to the power of language. In the 1970’s, Mr. Nizer constantly inveighed against the names of certain widespread practices in the distribution of motion pictures -- “block booking” and “blind bidding”... Read More

The New York City Human Rights Law – Expanded Protections

Employment lawyers and executive compensation attorneys have long been aware that in terms of protecting employees from discrimination, the New York City Human Rights Law has a far broader reach than any single Federal statute or, indeed, any combination of Federal statutes.... Read More

You’re Fired! (No, Really)

Having represented hundreds of executives whose employment was being terminated, I could never understand the audience appeal in watching our current Chief Executive wield the axe over aspiring “Apprentices” on TV. I understand that it was “just a show,” but anyone who... Read More

Permitted Deferred Compensation for the C-Suite Executive

Many senior executives are looking for ways to enhance retirement benefits while cutting levels of taxable income. Deferred compensation accounts allow an immediate reduction in current income taxes, an accumulation of investment earnings on a tax-deferred basis, and are... Read More

C-Suite Executive, Social Media, and the FTC

If you are a C-Suite executive, chances are that you do not often consider the social media practices of your corporation.  After all, there is probably a communications department and social media experts that handle all of the social media posts, Internet... Read More

Retaliation Guidance from the EEOC

As a C-Suite executive, you understand how Equal Employment Opportunity laws apply to your company and your corporate policies likely confirm that job applicants and employees cannot be fired, demoted, harassed or retaliated against for filing a discrimination claim. But what many... Read More