Serving executives in higher education, finance, media and industry throughout the United States. Admitted New York and Connecticut bars.

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Distinguished Employment Counsel for Senior Executives and Management in Education, Financial Services, Media and Industry

We serve leaders in business, financial services, media and higher education

  • who are being hired or promoted
  • who are being fired or experiencing employment difficulties

We also represent business and professional firms with their employment and senior management issues. When it is absolutely necessary to litigate, we draw on four decades of experience in sophisticated commercial, employment and entertainment litigation, arbitration and mediation to bring matters to a prompt and cost-efficient resolution.

Why We Can Help

We are deal-makers who have successfully negotiated lucrative employment and separation agreements for top executives, from university and college presidents to finance executives, traders and money managers, to media executives and publishing personalities.

We are problem-solvers, with decades of experience in strategizing, negotiating and resolving, and, where necessary and appropriate, selectively litigating crucial elements of the executive employment relationship.

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Our Team

George Birnbaum - Attorney

George Birnbaum

Since 1980, sophisticated business people have relied on George to apply the meticulous preparation, attention to detail, and devotion to his clients he learned from fabled trial lawyer Louis Nizer. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, George has over 35 years of distinguished deal-making, litigation, mediation and arbitration experience which he has used to negotiate high-stakes agreements for senior executives and select business clients throughout the United States. 

Lisa Horowitz

Lisa Horowitz

Lisa figured out years ago how to apply her lifelong love of poetry, translation and psychology to her professional passion: executive employment law. With meticulous attention to language, she interprets and powerfully voices her clients’ needs, whether drafting, negotiating or litigating on behalf of the senior executives and academicians she represents in the worlds of finance, media and higher education. Lisa holds a B.A. and M.A. from Brown University and is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where she was a Stone Scholar. 

Marc Silverman

Marc Silverman

Marc has spent more than four decades immersed in employment law, beginning with his undergraduate training at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, then at Cornell Law School, and continuing through a long tenure as a senior employment partner at several prestigious Wall Street law firms. Marc’s lifetime of counseling public and privately held companies – and their senior executives – shapes his approach to his clients’ thorniest employment challenges, whether in drafting, negotiating or leading them through a sophisticated dispute resolution process.