Serving executives in higher education throughout the United States. Admitted New York and Connecticut bars.

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Selected Other Matters

Although this website highlights our academic employment involvements, we
have also had extensive experience over the past 40 years working with the
employment contracts of senior executives in finance, media and industry. Our
“Testimonials” and “Recent Client Matters” give some indication of those involvements.

For instance, we have represented executives in virtually every type of finance
job: financial advisors; bank executives on both the buy and sell sides; stock and
commodities brokers; and other financial and private equity executives. Accordingly, we are familiar with the finance industry bonus structure, vested and deferred awards, carried interests, and a wide variety of other types of compensation in the finance industry.

We have also represented executives in media and advertising ranging from chief executive officers to executive vice presidents and division heads.

Although we no longer do any litigation, both George Birnbaum and Lisa Horowitz have extensive experience in complex commercial litigation going back to the 1980’s. From lawsuits and arbitration involving creators and producers in the theatre, film, talent agency, photography, broadcasting, and internet marketing areas to lawsuits and arbitrations in other commercial settings, such as contracts with steel manufacturers, product liability cases, letter of credit transactions, allegedly stolen instruments, and even a forged arbitration agreement. These days we put that experience to work understanding exactly how our clients’ employment contracts need to be structured for those clients’ protection, a practical viewpoint that many lawyers with only transactional experience lack.