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Executive Employment Perspectives Blog

The Promise and Perils of Executive Equity Awards — Part 2

What are some of the important terms and conditions which a knowledgeable executive employment attorney looks for in reviewing an executive’s proposed equity award?

Everything begins with a detailed review and analysis of the plan documents which govern the award, in addition... Read More

Holiday Law Book List

2021, despite the continuing pandemic, produced a considerable number of significant books dealing with law and legal history, and it is a pleasure to list and discuss them here for holiday book buyers.

Although our practice concentrates on executive employment law, and... Read More

How Senior Leaders Can Handle a “Lose-Lose” Situation

Many executives, whether senior leaders of large corporations, finance businesses, colleges, universities or secondary schools, have been trained to look for so-called “win-win” situations in all of their dealings. Spurred on by many prominent treatises on effective negotiation techniques, their executive employment... Read More

The Trauma of Executive Termination – Part 1

As executive employment lawyers, the daily work of our practice is concentrated on counseling executives who are being hired or fired. The emotional climate of those two legal tasks could hardly be more different.

Executives being hired, particularly when they are recruited... Read More