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Executive Employment Perspectives Blog

The Promise and Perils of Executive Equity Awards — Part 3

Continuing our exploration of the questions necessarily asked by an experienced executive employment attorney assessing a particular executive’s potential equity award(s):

3.     What happens to the accumulated equity, vested or unvested, when the executive resigns or is terminated?

Here, too, everything... Read More

The Promise and Perils of Executive Equity Awards — Part 2

What are some of the important terms and conditions which a knowledgeable executive employment attorney looks for in reviewing an executive’s proposed equity award?

Everything begins with a detailed review and analysis of the plan documents which govern the award, in addition... Read More

Holiday Law Book List

2021, despite the continuing pandemic, produced a considerable number of significant books dealing with law and legal history, and it is a pleasure to list and discuss them here for holiday book buyers.

Although our practice concentrates on executive employment law, and... Read More

How Senior Leaders Can Handle a “Lose-Lose” Situation

Many executives, whether senior leaders of large corporations, finance businesses, colleges, universities or secondary schools, have been trained to look for so-called “win-win” situations in all of their dealings. Spurred on by many prominent treatises on effective negotiation techniques, their executive employment... Read More