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News from George Birnbaum Law

Congratulations and best wishes to our client Dr. Mathew B. Johnson, who has been appointed the 17th President of Albion College.

We were privileged to represent Dr. Johnson in his presidential contract negotiations.

Holiday Law Books

These days practitioners in any legal concentration (ours being executive employment law) need to strengthen what Louis Nizer used to call their “lateral vision” by reading in areas of law, politics and current events they don’t encounter in... Read More

Don’t Resign!

A few years ago, I was irritated by a spate of futile and often damaging acts of public contrition and wrote an article entitled “Never Apologize!” Noted “public intellectual” Cass Sunstein recently jumped on the same bandwagon (see “Apologies Are For Losers”... Read More


As executive employment lawyers, we spend our professional lives negotiating our clients’ agreements, deferred compensation arrangements and termination packages. Outside of work, I often read about legal matters unrelated to our practice, both for my own interest and in order to cultivate... Read More

The (Unwritten) Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod Crane Visits His Executive Employment Attorney

A New York City real estate executive I know has read widely in the works of Washington Irving. I don’t have my friend’s level of knowledge about America’s first author to receive international recognition, but... Read More


Well, not really Poirot (although that probably got your attention).

And not Robert Mueller.

Far more common, indeed widespread across corporate America these days, are those independent investigations legally required in response to employee complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment and other types... Read More